Beelzebub`s Tales to His Grandson - G.I Gurdjieff
Meetings With Remarkable Men - G.I.Gurdjieff
Life is Real Only  Then When I Am - G.I.Gurdjieff
The Struggle Of The Magicians - G.I.Gurdjieff

From Sex To Superconciousness - Osho
When The Shoe Fits - Osho

Healing The Shame That Binds Us - John Bradshaw
Home Coming - Kohn Bradshaw
The Family - John Bradshaw
Healing The Child Within - John Bradshaw
Family Secrets - John Bradshaw
Creating Love - John Bradshaw
Letting Go Of Shame - John Bradshaw

Are You Really Too Sensitive? - Marcy Calhoun

Tibetian Art Of Living: Wise Body, Mind, Life - Christopher Hansard
Tibetian Art Of  Positive Thinking: Skilfull Thought For Succesfull Living - Christopher Hansard
Tibetian Art Of Serenity: How To Conquer Fear & Gain Contentment - Christopher Hansard

Mother`s Agenda (13 Volumes) - Satprem
The Psychic Being – Lotus Light Publications

  Olga Kharitidi  
  Paulo Coelho  
  Lawrence Durrell  
  Stefan Zweig  
  Anthony Robbins  
  Daniel Quinn  
  Dan Millman  
  T.Lobsang Rampa  
  Herman Hesse  
  Olga Kharitidi  
  James Redfield  
  Louis L.Hay  
  Bert Hellinger  


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